Simply 808's Story


Why Simply 808?

August 8th (8/08) is National CBD Day! 808 has similar traits to the infinity symbol, as well! The infinity symbol can be related back to everlasting life, love & health. Our goal is to spread this positivity to Simply 808's consumers by producing recyclable hemp plastics, using premium legal CBD  & organic ingredients in all of of our products!

Who Are We?

Simply 808 is an all natural, premium CBD company giving consumers access to top of the line hemp & full spectrum CBD products. 

Benefits of Living a Healthy Life

At Simply 808, we care about our customers health and promoting a positive lifestyle. We want to be apart of encouraging others to make positive choices; whether it come time for a healthy meal or maintaining a positive mindset. We hope our products can be implemented to fit your lifestyle & help increase your sense of well-being!

Why Implement Hemp & CBD?

Cannabidiol is known to contain the medicinal and therapeutic like effects that makes up hemp. Hemp is the plant in its raw form that cannabidiol can be derived from & one of the most versatile plants on this earth! Hemp can be used as a natural fuel source, make plastic, concrete, rope and much more!