Simply 808's Story


Operation 808

Our sole operation behind Simply 808 implements forming a tight knit community of individuals & families alike. We aim to do so by producing premium, organic hemp plastics & legal CBD hemp-infused products!

Who Are We?

Simply 808 is an all natural, premium CBD company giving consumers access to top of the line hemp & full spectrum CBD products. 

Benefits of Living a Healthy Life

At Simply 808, we care about our customers health and promoting a positive lifestyle. We want to be apart of encouraging others to make positive choices; whether it come time for a healthy meal or maintaining a positive mindset. We hope our products can be implemented to fit your lifestyle & help increase your sense of well-being!

Why Implement Hemp & CBD?

Cannabidiol is known to contain the medicinal and therapeutic like effects that make up marijuana or hemp. Hemp is the plant in its raw form that cannabidiol can be derived from & one of the most versatile plants on this earth! Hemp can be used as a natural fuel source, make plastic, concrete, rope and much more!